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The personal advisor takes on the main role of personal customer service in every general real estate market. Using their extensive specialist expertise of the real estate market, they familiarize themselves with your desires and try to make them reality. Their expert advisory service is indispensible when selecting real estate that is suitable for you. They also accompany you during inspection, owner negotiations and notary appointments.

Berlin Tiergarten

MANY MARBLE PALAIS UNIQUE 1880 - first time use 2020-- tight Potsdamer Platz!
Living area 1.800 m²
Landplot 900 m²
Monthly rate 42.260,06 €
Price 15.840.000 €

Berlin Grunewald

Stately water residence as a house in the house with indoor pool and sauna as a dream location on the water!
Living area 560 m²
Monthly rate 14.940,43 €
Price 5.600.000 €

Berlin Tiergarten

MANY 2-ROOM RESIDENCE in MARBLE PALAIS - dense Potsdamer Platz!
Living area 65 m²
Monthly rate 1.464,70 €
Price 549.000 €

Berlin Pankow

FIRST CLASS 3-ROOM GARDEN APARTMENT in the ARCHITECT'S HOUSE with two private gardens opposite the park!
Living area 81 m²
Monthly rate 1.320,63 €
Price 495.000 €

Berlin Tiergarten

EXCLUSIVE RESIDING with 3.8 meter ceilings in the imposing PALAIS-densely Spree and Potsdamer Platz!
Living area 57 m²
Monthly rate 1.331,30 €
Price 499.000 €

Berlin Pankow

UNIQUE - EXCLUSIVE ARCHITECT TOWNHOUSE - NEW BUILDING 2019- close to the palace gardens!
Living area 100 m²
Landplot 50 m²
Monthly rate 1.840,87 €
Price 690.000 €

Berlin Charlottenburg

NEW KP! 7647, - € per square meter - EXCLUSIVE OLD BUILDING APARTMENT in a stately OLD BUILDING in the finest KUDAMM LOCATION
Living area 68 m²
Monthly rate 1.387,33 €
Price 520.000 €