RED Party 2019 at Wannsee: A donation record for Auma Obama Foundation Sauti Kuu

At the traditional RED-Party am Wannsee this year, a donation record of 55.000 EURO could be achieved for the good cause. Guest of honor Dr. Auma Obama sister of former US President Barack Obama, together with host Christian Gérôme, founder of the ALLGEMEINE IMMOBILIEN-BÖRSE, raised funds for her Auma Obama Foundation Sauti Kuu – and successfully! The total sum of 55.000 EURO came together through the donations of Christian Gérôme, Siegfried Nehls, CEO and founder of the Berlin project developer SANUS AG, Sascha Klupp of INTERSTADT, Mr. Ramcilovic of METEOR BAU, Patrick David Kundler ALLIANZ and family Schorr of PRS Family Trust. The donation sums, which were collected in recent years at the RED party for a good cause, could be clearly exceeded.

RED Party am Wannsee with donation record – celebrations for a good cause

The highlight of the Berlin party season 2018 was once again the RED Party at the historic Swedish pavilion at Wannsee. In glorious sunshine, Christian Gérôme, founder of the Allgemeine Immobilien-Börse (AIB) and his partner Marcus Korn, invited around 1,500 guests. Among them were numerous celebrities such as Thierry Beaudemoulin, CEO of Covivio, BERLINboxx publisher Angela Wiechula, Karen Terpogossov from the vPE Bank, publisher Florian Langenscheidt, advertising legends Jean-Remy von Matt, Thomas Klein, chairman of the Berlin press conference and numerous successful entrepreneurs of the capital, who had come not only to celebrate, but also to make a difference and To help children in need.

Red party at Wannsee 2016 historic Sweden Pavilion

The motto of the big summer party, which traditionally celebrates ALLGEMEINE IMMOBILIENBÖRSE (AIB) at Wannsee is called “Red Party”. To celebrate the historic Sweden Pavilion at Wannsee around 800 mostly red-clad guests on July 10, 2016 large family party with jet skis, boats and “banana” -Continue on the Wannsee. but host Christian Gérôme, founder of the general real estate market and partner Marcus Korn wanted to not only celebrate, but also do good.
The real estate market has taken its twentieth anniversary as an opportunity to draw attention to the people who do not live on the sunny side of life. So Gérôme and grain donated together with the board and majority shareholder of Sanus AG, Siegfried Nehls an amount of EUR 10,000, with the work of the ark is to be supported.

Exclusive 6-room architects house in Zehlendorf

Welcome to Zehlendorf. Visit this video an exclusive architect-designed house in a dream location at the park. On 200 square meters generously cut living space, it has 6 rooms on 3 floors with a welcoming entrance and an open living area. The 450 square meter Sonnengrundstück exudes an idyllic landscaped garden with large sun terrace and its own playground. Come in!

Christian Gérôme Interview: Investing in Berlin

Berlin has plenty of inner-city land, structurally sound and all much cheaper than elsewhere. In the city of old buildings will be renovated and converted into property, built luxury real estate. Buying Boom rinsed million in the cash-strapped capital. The report shows what is happening behind the scenes. Meanwhile, the luxury apartments are scarce. If demand is high, prices and yields rise.

Marcus Korn: the sale of a luxury property

What there is in Berlin to exceptional property, Marcus Korn shows in real time on RTL II. Accompanied by a camera crew, he presents the prospective an extravagant villa in Berlin-Grunewald. The 750 sqm luxury property surprise buyers with many unusual details such as Glaseinlässen in the living room floor, providing views to the underlying pool. The onsite spa has 200 square meters and a private hammam. Purchase price? 9.5 million. Whether Marcus Korn succeeds? Look for yourself!


The Villa of the ALLGEMEINE IMMOBILIENBÖRSE is not only a nice place for our buyers who are looking for a quality property in Berlin, but also a popular location for film and television. In the ZDF crime series “guilt” by Ferdinand von Schirach as the villa serves as a backdrop.

Magdalena Böning showing their skills at “The property hunters”

Everyone can sell properties? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Our ALLGEMEINE IMMOBILIENBÖRSE consultant Magdalena Böning shows on Vox in “The property hunters”, what makes a good salesperson and proves that they are called, not without reason, “broker of the heart”.